Welcome to Virtual Work Manager – What we’re about

Welcome to Virtual Work Manager – What we’re about

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Hi there,

Welcome to Virtual Work Manager. What we’re about is great client service, productivity, motivation and loads of fun while doing what we love. Stay a while, read a bit and I promise you one thing – you will find at least one thing you’ve been looking for (when it comes to service). My name is Sisanda and I started this website to showcase and support my small remote business support company. Working towards my dream of running my own sustainable business has been the goal for the longest time and the truth is, I never had the guts to go all in until now. What they say about humanity must be true then, and by they I mean “aliens”. That alone should tell you what kind of movie genres I gravitate towards… Anyway, it is said:


“It is at the precipice of our doom or end that we find the inspiration to save ourselves”


I have, for a very long time now, been feeling strangled by my work environment and situation – I was lacking the motivation and the simple joy of getting things one. When the realization of why I was feeling so discontented came, I was nearly knocked off my feet wondering how I have been so blind about what was happening to me. The fear of actually cutting ties with the “pay-check to pay-check” mentality was so great that I was willing to die a slow painful death inside simply because I had to earn a consistent salary. I have been working since age 19 and at my current age it was definitely not easy to give the solid ground that a steady, consistent salary brought – except, did I mention that I was dying a slow and painful death?

So, without a financial plan, I left my employment and worked at building my business full time and I have looked back (more than once) but I have never had regrets about leaving. My ultimate “why” to actually leave was a couple of reasons, but I’ll list a few:


  • I want joy in my work life
  • I want life-work integration without feeling as though Friday was the thing to look forward to and Monday was the most dreadful of days
  • I needed more time for my passions, such as being a mom, a home-maker, a wife, a student and an asset to an organization that needs me and depends of my skills


The first thing I had to acknowledge and accept that may have been taken for granted and not appreciated by all was: “I’m skilled, experienced, committed and awesome at what I do and if I don’t believe in myself then how can I expect anyone else to.”


Take a quick peek at the services I offer as a Virtual Assistant and if you’d like to discuss, simply book an appointment on this website and I’ll contact you ASAP. It’s that simple.


Thanks for checking in and taking the time to read my “origins” story…

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