VWM Website Tour Series: Main Page

Welcome to the Virtual Work Manager Website Tour Series; VWM Website Tour Series (just to save time). Today we’re taking a quick look at the main page / home page. I hope you find this helpful. We’ve uploaded more video navigation content on all our social media profiles.



Why do we think we need this navigation series in the first place?

VWM Website Tour Series: Main PageWorking with websites, planning them, developing them, building them and optimizing them for search engines has made us very much aware of how some websites are exactly the same as visiting a shopping mall for the first time. One might walk around looking for a specific shop or product that might be in a specific shop without ever finding it (without a good mall guide). Yes, websites can be as large as malls.




For the most part, here’s what one needs to know when visiting a website for the first time (which may end up being the last time or the first of many):

  • Where is the blog / newsletter?
  • How does one contact the website owners?
  • If it’s an online store, how does one comfortably complete online shopping payments?
  • Where are the terms of service?
  • What and where is the privacy policy?
  • If it’s a client, where does one log in to see and manage my account details?
  • What other pages are on the website?
  • Where are their social media links?
  • How quick do they respond?
  • How serious are they about customer service?
  • Most importantly, is this website secure?
  • Where is the FAQs page located?

These are not in sequence of importance and there are many more other questions.



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