The VA Mindset

Do you listen, and really hear your clients when they brief you on their ideas?

Are you afraid to make suggestions out of fear of being seen as too pushy?

Or Bossy?

What is the VA Mindset?

For me, it’s the inability to see beyond pleasing the client even if you know they’re taking the wrong path in what they want to achieve. It is also being too (shall we say) hard-headed to see the value in anyone else’s ideas but your own.

Somehow, we have to find middle-ground in this

What to do… (The VA Mindset)

When in doubt, I refer you to the description of the occupation itself. Remember why this is your client; you have a skill that they need and you need to actively listen and understand what they need. You also need to advise and be honest in what is possible and what cannot be done. The last thing you need is a botched job because you were too eager to get the “hand shake” or too scared to disappoint.

What not to do… (The VA Mindset)

  • Do not simply do what you’re told even if it’s wrong
  • It won’t do your references a favor, so do not take the path that leads to you regretting having your name and brand attached to that specific project
  • Do not force work relationships / partnerships where the relationships aren’t symbiotic and there’s no happy flow (Yes, I’m aware I just quoted Venom but I’m trying to make a point here)
  • I know it’s hard, but try not force your ideas on a client, it’s their project, you’re called in to consult but not to dominate

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