The TBC Naturals Web Design Project

Welcome to The TBC Naturals Web Design Project. We have done more than give the TBC Naturals website a makeover, we have completely secured and simplified their online shopping process too.

TBC Naturals started as The Black Corset, an online shop selling women’s items such as corsets, jewelry and beauty products. The company later changed their focus into researching and developing products that are specifically for natural hair care, especially Type 4 hair. Not many people know that there are many different hair types, even in South Africa. We are predominantly Type 4, and mostly 4c but there are other straighter and wavier types such as type 3.

How to shop online: TBC Naturals


TBC Naturals Project



Visit their online shop and enjoy their new website promo of 15% off all cart totals until the end of December. The promo code can be found on their social media profile and their blog.

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