The 10 amazing ways a Virtual Assistance Business saves you money

Finding dedicated, time-efficient and high productivity staff can be a daunting or sometimes impossible task. As a business owner, one cannot be sure how company resources (including time) are being used by employees and this can bring about management styles that can be detrimental to the positive growth of a team. There are sometimes slackers whose lack of productivity negatively affects high productivity staff members but the overall results of each team is what matters at the end of the day. Employing the services of our company benefits your company in many different ways; here’s the 10 amazing ways in which a virtual assistance business saves you money:

  1. There are no start-up costs; i.e. you don’t need to provide us with offices, furniture, telephones, electricity, computers, internet & telephone connection, living & personal care spaces etc.
  2. There isn’t a standard monthly payslip to pay; i.e. we are not staff members, we invoice you to pay for services provided.
  3. We manage our own payroll and tax – all you do is pay an invoice.
  4. We are not staff, and therefore, we are not due to receive incentives / bonuses / pension funds or any other employee benefits.
  5. Our invoices are output-based and you never pay for anything other than the service we agreed upon; i.e. you no longer simply pay for someone to show up (whether they’re productive or not)
  6. We are service providers, which means, you don’t pay for sick leave, family responsibilities, maternity or any other leave days.
  7. We are more motivated to provide results as we are paid on work completed and not for being at an office.
  8. You have access to the combined power of our collective skills and time; and we are not bound by traditional work hours as we focus on project completion over “business hours”.
  9. We work from our remote offices which are fully equipped to manage tasks for your business. All these are at our own costs and can be checked off as more peace of mind and cost-cutting for you.
  10. Our time is managed more efficiently as we don’t face problems such as traffic, road issues, and other commuting issues.
The 10 Amazing Ways
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