Customer Service

Customers need time and special attention – they are the life blood of every business. We can give your customers the special attention and time they need so that you can focus on bigger tasks. It’s a win-win, your customers won’t feel unappreciated, and you won’t feel overworked.


Below are some of the customer care services we provide:


  • Managing eCommerce store
  • Processing online store refunds
  • Processing online store orders and shipments
  • Organizing and managing courier shipping, tracking and customer updating
  • Operating online store live chat
  • Following up on orders, queries, proof of payments for pending orders etc.
  • Updating member records
  • Setting up and managing Customer Relationship Management tools (CRM)
  • Inviting, Approving and Declining requests to join membership communities, such as Facebook groups


We are always open and willing to custom-fit our services to the needs and specifications of our clients. Please feel free to start a discussion should you require further assistance in relation to customer service.