Creative Writing: Content Development

Virtual Assistant offering Creative Writing servicesWe can help you with writing creative content from website information, articles, newsletters and many more. Some of the specific projects we can help you with are as follows:










  • Writing ebooks, books, newsletters, training materials, email marketing content, etc.
  • Podcast Scripting, Planning and Execution
  • Creative writing and content development for business letters, proposals, memos, project plans etc
  • Collecting, formatting and highlighting testimonials
  • Review and advise on proposals, applications etc
  • Development of Ghostwriting content
  • Writing blog posts (researching and creating content, with original and relevant, custom-made graphics)
  • Development of creative content for Email Marketing
  • Creating product descriptions for eCommerce (online shops)
  • Creative writing and content development for Website Building (e.g. policies, faqs and other pages)
  • Editing blog articles, books, websites, newsletters, recipes etc
  • Proof-reading blog articles, books, newsletters, recipes, websites etc
  • Development of written content and graphics content for social media (Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest) content, in Pages, Groups and Forums
  • Reviewing clients’ candidates career profiles (CV’s) to assist them in talent selection
  • Editing Job Specs / Job Descriptions to advise the clients’ on their staff being allocated to the right departments and teams (based on their skills, training and experience)
  • Writing or editing audio / video transcriptions


Contact us today with a brief of your project and we’ll be happy to help!