Career Profile Upgrade

This is a service we offer especially to individuals at a small cost and yet the impact it has on one’s professional Curriculum Vitae is tremendous.

We aim to achieve the following as we upgrade your CV into the best version of you it can be:

  • It must command attention, with each piece of information strategically placed to achieve a goal
  • It must contain a short executive summary that illustrates the value you offer to an employer
  • It must enhance your areas of expertise and your specialized skills must shine
  • Presentation highlights your strengths, doesn’t hide your growth areas but shows you’re eager to develop and grow in them
  • Font, font sizes, bold, etc. to be used strategically to call for attention of the reader (who is your prospective employer)
  • Size matters – the resume needn’t be a book to tell your professional life story and it can highlight it all without cramping everything in 2 pages

How it works?

(Individuals / Non-business)

**Contact us for costs: Kindly use the email address below and attach your current word document CV and we will send you a quote based on the work required. We will only commence the work once you’ve approved the quotation and have instructed us to move forward. We will then send you an invoice, you will make a deposit of 50% of the cost and we will send you samples of the work. If you are satisfied with the outcome, you will need to complete the payment while we complete the work and submit it to you.

Upload your CV in Word / PDF format here:

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