Services that offer more value to Clients

Services that offer more value to Clients

How our services provide more value to clients We want to receive great services that offer more value to us as clients – service with a difference. Let’s be honest, people and businesses alike would do anything to get every resource for free. They might make a profit on that resource but that’s not their point.  We are always trying to cut costs, and sometimes this may be at the cost of quality but sometimes it simply makes sense to choose option A from option B.

For someone who is in the business of serving other businesses, I sometimes find it so frustrating and interesting that I do so much, spend so much time working on improving a clients business processes but get almost nothing out. The main goal is to increase productivity and motivation, which will in turn improve profit – and that is our ultimate goal, isn’t it?


I initially struggled with this. It could have gotten out of hand but I actually meditated on it. I actually took the time to think around it. I looked at it from the outside without getting attached to it. This would bring forth my frustrations and expectations I couldn’t reason against. I came to a decision to change my entire view of these situations to get something good out of them. I now no longer feel those same frustrations.


And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed (98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed)  – Dr. Seuss


Here’s how VWM gives more value to clients

  • I familiarize myself with the business and the product of my client. This is sometimes a challenge because I have clients from different industries interested in different products.
  • I find and understand the challenges that they face. I start with small, but time-consuming tasks and work my way up.
  • We (VWM Team) brainstorm around finding a simple, but effective solution for these problems.
  • We ensure that our solutions are as simple as they are effective. The most important part of a solution lies in its ease to repeat or duplicate without complications.
  • This is not a billable task or a job. It’s gone beyond service that we’re being paid for.


The client benefits greatly from this and so do we. The research and time taken to find out all the above, makes us more effective and efficient. It also keeps to the Virtual Work Manager promise of cutting costs and saving time for our clients.


Real life story: Giving more without expectations

A client I had a virtual meeting on Finance Support with back in October followed my advice. We had a chat, I was excited and that’s where we left things. Fast forward to November, I receive a call confirming that they will indeed be using our Web Design service to build their online portfolio. This is our current project. However, I have seen many holes in the client’s company’s processes which I have several solves for. We have discussed these at length and he has agreed that he needs our services but we can only discuss anything after the completion of the Web Design Project.

We get to talking and he shares his struggles, mostly because I’m always trying to find out what clients are up, how they’re doing and what challenges they’re facing. I immediately pick up from that short conversation that he’s done it again – he’s gotten into a situation that could have been avoided had proper processes been in place. I could have easily walked away, but this is a client I’m trying to retain long-term and I already have the skills to resolve the matter. So here’s what I did, I offered to help. He had no idea how to get the issue sorted so he officially removed himself from the situation by informing his relevant clients that Virtual Work Manager is his partner in Finance & Administrative Support, and that they are to contact us going forward. Boom! Just like that, we have a new job, a retainer client and we’re so happy!

The sticky situation was mostly the client starting a costly project for one of his clients without providing a proper quote from the start. Their client is happy with the work but is shocked by the cost. I spent a lot of time on the phone (after the emails and texts) to get this resolved, but eventually, everyone is happy and the payment has been confirmed. Wait, there’s more, their client has even decided to add 2 more projects to my client’s to-do list. This is the most amazing part for me – people aren’t difficult, they are creatures of habit. All we need is transparency and information, processes to be followed and everything goes smoothly.


How do you, as a business, see and appreciate the value of a dedicated team?


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