Service Highlight: Web Design

Welcome to this week’s service highlight: web design. To bring more awareness and exposure to the awesome services that Virtual Work Manager has to offer, we’ve started to produce weekly content highlighting at least one of our services. We hope you’ll enjoy it and find it informational.

Service Highlight: Web Design

We can design your website to bring your ideas into realityWhat do we mean by web design or website design? Simple: We can help you to build an amazing website. Chat to us about what your dream website looks like and after completing the project, you will receive a quick training session to help use the website optimally. You will receive SEO and readability guidance which will assist you to write better content, and also to ensure that your targeted readers find what you are trying to put out there.





Here’s a few ideas of what we’ve worked on (and currently working on):

The industry, product or service doesn’t matter because we don’t specialize in any particular one when it comes to building the website of your dreams. Your thoughts, ideas and what you want is what we work on – to take your dream and make it into digital reality! So, whether you’re a carpet merchant, a nail technician, a tiler, a builder, a plumber, a fashion designer, a photographer, we can do it all!

Here’s a simple and basic checklist of each project:
  • Domain registration (which has an annual renewal fee)
  • Website hosting (annual)
  • Blog, About, Contact, T’s & C’s etc pages
  • Setting up website relevant plugins
  • Creating landing pages, splash pages, opt-in forms, etc. (Optional)
  • Business / Personal emails (domain)
  • Freebies: 1x SEO and Readability high-rated article on website / blog. 3x social media posts (includes custom-created graphics) to get your social media accounts started
  • Training & Tour of the website (RE: SEO & Readability)
  • Video tutorials of how to best use your website, tips and tricks and how to grow in search and ranking
  • Remote support – Per Task Rate (Optional)

Are you an entrepreneur / small business owner with an interest in designing your website and learning how to effectively and efficiently use it to grow your business? Contact us to discuss your idea, project goals and other prospects – we will ensure that you get the best service and great value for your buck!

Do you have 2 minutes? Read here to find out what our promise and mission is to all our clients and prospective clients.

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