Service Highlight: RFP Writing

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Service Highlight: RFP Writing

RFP Writing ServiceWe research, develop content and write up complete RFP Writing (Request for Proposals). The research includes that of the company / organization inviting bidders to submit proposal and for the clients who are interested in submitting a proposal. We ensure all RFP writing requirements are met, and we proofread the document and double-check for errors and shortcomings in the proposal. The project purpose and description of the work to be completed / the project is detailed as clearly as possible to show all possible effective solutions.

Here’s a simple checklist of the basic included inserts that make up a complete RFP document:
  • Summary
  • Background
  • Proposal Guidelines
  • Project Purpose and Description
  • Project Scope
  • Request for Proposal
  • Project Timeline
  • Budget
  • Bidder Qualifications
  • Proposal Evaluation Criteria

Are you an entrepreneur / small business owner with an interest to submit RFPs or Proposals for Government or Business Tender Bids? Contact us to discuss your business needs, project goals and other prospects – we will ensure that you get the best service and great value for your buck!

Do you have 2 minutes? Read here to find out what our promise and mission is to all our clients and prospective clients.

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