Service Highlight: Debtors Management

Welcome to this week’s service highlight: debtors & revenue management. To bring more awareness and exposure to the awesome services that Virtual Work Manager has to offer, we’ve started to produce weekly content highlighting at least one of our services. We hope you’ll enjoy it and find it informational.


Debtors Revenue ManagementWith 12+ years of experience in Credit Management (Credit Control), Debtors and Revenue Management; as well as training and accreditation by the ICM (Institute of Credit Management), we can assist to improve some of our client’s processes and create better controls to ensure timely collection of monies owed. We are able to apply the use of collection sheets/docs that will optimize the way in which a client’s permanent (or current) debtors team sees collections and the importance of ensuring that customers respect the company trading terms of our client.




We can manage your debtors book


Service Highlight: Debtors & Revenue Management

How it works:

Send us your debtors book and all relevant details and hand over all complete management to us. Using our own accounting and CRM system:

  • We prepare and send quotes
  • We do the monthly / weekly bulk invoicing
  • We send invoices and statements in bulk monthly and individually upon request by debtors
  • We contact debtors to collect on outstanding accounts using all resources (e.g. Calls, Emails, SMS, Whatsapp)
  • We provide 24-hour turnaround time to resolve debtors queries and manage requests
  • We reconcile debtors accounts to resolve queries delaying payments
  • We provide monthly and bi-weekly reports on the debtors book status
  • We will give more focus to problematic debtors with accounts in arrears to ensure that payments are completed
  • We keep in constant communication with debtors whose accounts are outstanding to ensure timely payments
  • We create collections sheets with live tracking to ensure efficient and effective collections (as well as to give our clients peace of mind)
  • We provide general finance support in additional areas that we are skilled in beyond debtors and revenue management
  • We provide a monthly reconciliation and summary of collections VS Cash Forecast to client

We have monthly video check-ins with clients to discuss progress of collections, collections targets, DSO and everything related. We send one monthly invoice to be paid by the client by the 2nd day of each month for services rendered. We do not accept collected revenue directly from the debtors of our client unless this is the agreement between Virtual Work Manager and that particular client. Debtors still pay directly to the client’s bank account and the client sends us the bank statement for all relevant receipts to allocate on our side.

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