Productivity Boosting Tips and Tools

Productivity leads to profit for companies and it’s the reason why we all work. We have put together this article to help you with these Productivity Boosting Tips and Tools. Why remote work? Because working remotely is efficient, cost-cutting and effective in increasing output.

Technology is shifting our view of the traditional work environment and to not take advantage of these changes is absurd. I’ve worked in corporate (within the traditional 8 – 5 scope office environment) and having moved to working 100% remotely, I find myself producing much better results, efficient and effective output and all the while being highly motivated to push myself to be and do better.


It’s time for South African companies to make the switch to use remote workers, in fact it is beyond overdue. The benefits speak for themselves


Productivity can be, for employees, a result of the following due to remote work;

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Employee retention
  • Employee growth and self development
  • Convenience to manage time better without navigating external factors such as traffic, costs etc


Some productivity boosting results of effective remote work

The are many more benefits for both employees and employers by working remotely and managing remote teams. This also increases a sense of ownership in motivating one’s staff to commit to the overall success of the business. Working remotely and delivering on one’s duties builds trust and reliability among staff and managers as people tend to work smarter and stay more motivated when they are trusted and relied upon.

Tips and tools to boost productivity for remote work

Project Management

Productivity Boosting Tips and Tools
A clear and comprehensive project management plan is important to use as a concise guide for all team members to understand when all their activities fall in. This project plan includes timelines, dates and deliverable to ensure that everyone is doing their part at the required times and delivering on their action items timely.

Results need to be measured for any process to be proven as working and so it is imperative that your business has a way to track and monitor all the tasks, clients, and daily duties to maintain elevated efficiency levels. It is entirely possible for productivity and efficiency to be increased, and become more efficient by allowing employees to work remotely. Your project management software just needs to be cloud-based and able to run on mobile devices, and our favorite tool has to be Google sheets, in fact most Google products.

Communication and Collaboration

Communication tools to boost productivity

The remote team knows their working hours and unless a team member has notified the rest of the team that they are not working on a specific day, then everyone is literally online and working during the agreed upon work hours.

This means, texts, emails, calls, voice notes and other forms of quick instant communication should be the norm and everyone should be able to get assistance or response from one another instantly.

Communication should never be a bottleneck where one team member is stuck and unable to continue their tasks because another team member is not confirming a specific item that is waiting on them.




Boost productivity with these tips and tools

Communication tools such as Hangouts, Skype, Whatsapp, Zoom and others can be used to complete scheduled video meetings with the full remote teams. Collaboration through Google Sheets, docs and other Google products is awesome to ensure that everyone is seeing real-time data at all times and no one needs to email documents and sheets to be reviewed by supervisors and managers – it only takes a notification to be sent to the person that the document is ready, they go into the updated document and sign off on it as complete or advise on changes to be made if necessary.



Organization, File Sharing and Time-management 
Scheduling, deadlines, and time-sheets are forms of ensuring that we all deliver on the team’s promise to the organization, and a remote team can operate even more successfully than an on-site team, when provided the tools for these duties. Through various tools and software, remote team members can see when they are scheduled to work, clock in and out, and can track their hours — all while being away from the office. Managers can track and monitor this information for productivity as well — even while out of the office. The team and managers simply need to be of the same mind when it comes to understanding the importance of delivering on their duties – monitoring doesn’t need to be the core duty of a manager or supervisor when the entire team has full grasp of their duties and team output.


A person sitting at a desk in an office doesn’t immediately translate to productivity. The measurement of productivity is output, not extreme supervision and watching that grown people are working every hour


Productivity tools

Let’s face it, there are so much more distractions in the office environment, including those unscheduled meetings that seem to bring no results and therefore are never-ending. Working remotely cuts such waste of time completely as all meetings (even those unplanned) are scheduled and hardly any time is wasted as it usually is when meeting face-to-face.

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