Process – How to hire Virtual Work Manager

How to work with Virtual Work Manager

Your Remote Business Support contact will explain our working practices after the briefing process of your task. We have perfected the most common client tasks into a set procedure so that it maximizes efficiency, saving you time and money. We use a variety of specialist tools to complete your tasks so that we’re often much faster than a traditional assistant, who wouldn’t normally have access to this kind of technology.

Process, Privacy, Confidentiality and Reliability

  • Send a task to your Support consultant / contact person
  • All incoming tasks should be sent to us directly as our mailboxes are monitored Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. Emails are acknowledged within the hour, and you will be given an ETA on your task with the acknowledgement.
  • Turnaround for your Remote Business Support TasksUsually tasks under an hour long received by 5pm are completed next working day before 10am. If we can’t complete the task in that timescale, we’ll give you an estimated delivery date.Should you require a faster turnaround, we do offer a “rush job” service, which is subject to an admin fee of R550.00.
  • Who is doing my work?
    Usually your assigned Remote Business Support consultant will complete your task. However, if for some reason they are unavailable or the task falls out of their immediate skill set, then we’ll use another member of our team to complete the task as we assign work based on skills / training. They will then check it before it is returned to you to make sure it complies with your usual standards.
    All typing work is proofread by a typist, and then re-checked by a second person using a fresh pair of eyes. Our assistants often pick up small errors in each other’s work which would otherwise be overlooked.
  • Client Confidentiality
    In our line of work, we’re often privy to sensitive material. All your data is held securely, with all of our team members being subject to strict confidentiality contracts before starting work for us.


How to hire virtual work manager for tasks and projects


By filling in the form below, we’ll be able to get a general brief/idea of what you need assistance with. This will enable us to provide you with a basic quote which will be reviewed and approved by yourself before we can start with any work process:

If you already have a project brief, please attach it here for us to go through it


Here’s a couple of businesses we’ve partnered with:

  • PC Techies – (Admin, Finance and Organization)
  • TBC Naturals – Online Store Creation & Activation (ongoing)
  • Electromat – Online Store Creation & Website design (October 2019 & ongoing)
  • Virtual Work Manager – Web Design, Social Media Management, Content Production etc (Current)


Our offer to small businesses (enterpreneurs, startups, etc):