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My mission is to provide quality service that makes an actual difference to the business and personal lives of my clients. The core mission is to cut your business costs, increase productivity and profit by taking care of your day-to-day tasks from administrative, finance, credit control and general business support.

Small and developing businesses in South Africa often fail because they’re unable to hire quality staff or even afford to hire skilled resources. This is where Virtual Work Manager comes in.

We have extensive experience and passion in customer care and value our clients, and yours, above all else. Why? Simple – your success is our success.

Have a look at our services list and feel free to discuss with us anything beyond what we offer and we can review and custom-fit our services to your business needs as much as we can.

Let Virtual Work Manager take care of your day-to-day tasks from administrative support, customer service, social media, credit control and management.

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We can help you with efficiency, productivity and organization of your growing business without you having to incur the costs that come with permanent or temporary staffing. Join us to partner up with us from the simplest to the most complicated of projects and pay for actual productivity. We get paid for work completed, no paid sick leave, no paid annual leave, and any other benefits. We cut your costs in half, simply by working in our own remote work spaces... Sounds good?

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