Lifestyle Changes & Self-Care

This is by no means a “New Year’s Resolution” post! My Lifestyle Changes & Self-Care journal entry is more about putting my intentions in writing and holding myself accountable to follow through. There is no line of separation between my life and my work – I always strive to integrate the two and other aspects of my life for balance. I had a moment of reflection on my birthday last week Monday, and I realized that I’ve promised to take better care of myself when I start working as a freelancer. I haven’t kept this promise yet but I intend to actively do so from now on!

Life Changes

  • Fasting
  • Training
  • Keto / Carnivore Diet


fastingI’m a long-time fasting enthusiast. I’m what you might refer to as a veteran fasting ninja, but my number one problem has always been my inability to make good choices consistently on the other side of fasting. The fasting is always doable but I need to work better on the refeeds. Of course, I haven’t been exercising – I had been but for some reason, some time last year I simply quit. I loved Zumba classes, body weight training and even jumping rope. My motivation simply quit on me – I believed it was because I was unhappy with my career or the direction of it. I can do something about it now.

My fasting regimen

I don’t follow any standard fasting routine, I simply do so when I feel like doing it but I need to be more organized with this, I realize. My last fast (early this year) was 109 hours long and I thought of completing 100’s (hours) back-to-back but that didn’t work. I couldn’t find my rhythm again. So I started intermittent fasting by doing 18/6 and 20/4 which is easy enough but not as effective as the more challenging ones. The benefits of fasting should be something I’d need convincing on, especially considering how fasting cleared all my adult acne! I think it’s time I consider “Alternate Day Fasting” (ADF). My lifestyle changes & self-care routine is also about emotional and spiritual wellness.



A few year ago, I lost my gall bladder and was in hospital for close to two months (due to some complications). I followed my doctor’s advice (more like orders) and followed a vegan lifestyle – I ate a strict vegan diet for two full years! After I recovered I should really have considered my diet when I became well but I didn’t. I ended up with sensitive teeth, thinning and overly shedding hair and no amount of supplementation helped. What made me research and look into a change was the state of my skin – the acne came back with a vengeance! It was sore, large, full of puss! I’d post it here but it’d be too disgusting.


I found out information about the keto diet and started making changes as soon as I felt confident in my research. A high fat diet even improved my ability to fast and I stopped grazing all day long like a cow. The migraines stopped completely. Together with fasting, the acne outbreaks (sounds deadly, right?) came less and less frequently and they finally stopped. What’s left now are acne marks but they’re also fading. I changed my skin care routine to natural or DIY recipes. My face cleanser and shampoo are made with a base of African black soap. I mix my own oils for moisturizing my face, body and hair. It’s back to my favorite training routines and will complete monthly personal challenges to stay on track and accountable.


How is your self-care routine, especially if you’re a freelancer or business owner?


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