I’m taking a mini vacation

Friends and fellow-business owners, I’ve said I’m taking a mini vacation before but the truth is, I don’t really know how to do it. No matter what it is has to be the most difficult task for me right now. I can’t seem to get out of my own head.

In October of 2019, I served my notice and left my permanent employment to start what I assumed would be a simple “freelancing” lifestyle. I have acquired (and still developing) amazing skills over the years of my employment within the corporate environment and feel I can make a difference to smaller, growing, newly established and startup companies. It turns out that it wouldn’t end at freelancing, and not only that but my passions would evolve and move onto making this new life my business. It’s been taxing, difficult, fulfilling and completely worth everything.


I’ve been working day and most nights since my company Virtual Work Manager was established and I don’t remember taking an actual break. Yes, I took “time off” and rested, napped, stayed in bed all day and spent countless hours losing myself in amazing books and that has worked for a while. It hasn’t been working of late and in fact, all this rest feels shallow, like not really effective. I’m resting but my mind is still in overdrive, working, formulating plans and thinking of ways to do this instead of that! I haven’t taken care of myself or my health as I have promised to do but this obviously needs to change and it may start with this mini vacation (which is hopefully one of many).


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I'm taking a mini vacation

What’s a mini vacation anyway?

I think I might have made it up but it’s simply to take time away from the madness. Not really madness, it’s to take time to enjoy the quiet without worrying and stressing about work or anything related. This disconnection is especially useful during times like this – when there is too much stress and white noise and no ability to manage it or fix the problems or resolve the issues that are causing the stress. I need a real vacation but can’t have that now…

Why, you ask?


Of course, I’m always broke and cannot afford to take a real vacation or do an intensive kind of outing but I’m happy with my work and there’s very little I need to spend to make any event special and wonderful. So, without leaving my home, I’ve come up with a plan to take time off, disconnect and get back to myself.












The plan is simple:
  • Complete disconnection, no social media, no netflix, no books, nothing digital
  • Meditation and yoga in the morning and evening
  • Being outdoors 90% of the time
  • Intermittent fasting routine maintenance
  • Playing and spending actual time with my kids, without movies or tv
  • Lots of fun activities like dancing
  • Take a break from online courses



I’m sure more activities will come to me during this time but for now, I think this should be enough. I’m not worried about my work or having it be overwhelming once I return, because it’s only a couple of days – maybe 3 and I plan to dedicate at least 2 hours of each day to the work of my full time clients before starting my vacay hours… It can be done – I just need the background noise to quieten and I’ll be fine


I wish I could find out how other remote workers manage the stress we eventually put on ourselves by doing so much and being so much to so many! I definitely needs tips to get a real handle on this, I though reading (which is my favorite thing in the world) would be enough but not at this moment. I need a complete reset. I’ll probably do a follow up post with details of what I actually ended up doing during my vacay day(s) and what I’ll do in future. Self-care is an important part of this lifestyle and I have to stay on top of all this as best as I can.


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