How to Live on Your Own Terms

The best question you’ll ever ask yourself is “How to Live on Your Own Terms” – Well, it might be the second or third most important question of anyone’s life! I’m personally more inspired to live life on my own terms especially now that I’m working on my business. I’m on a life-changing journey toward living a debt-free life and as much as I wish I had started this journey while I was still employed in a full-time traditional setting, I don’t regret anything. Life is always bringing opportunities to learn, develop and do better – I’m excited to be on this journey and I have committed to at least get rid of credit card debt by the end of 2021.

We’ve been cultivated to believe that we ‘need’ so much more than we actually do. We are made to believe that we need credit cards, huge houses, expensive and even impractical cars. We’ve all fallen victims to this and the lessons to change started earlier than the ‘crash’ brought about by COVID-19. By the time we had the international lockdowns, I was already out of the job market and working on my business.

I’m now learning to live as minimally as possible while trying to run a business and be the best mom and wife on the planet! I’m teaching my kids (and trying to live up to those teachings) how to use/save money. We are in fact working on a plan to get an investment portfolio started for each of them and they’re excited – I know, I sound as if I’m showing off about how awesome my kids are (they really are) but they prefer veggies/salads to fries! My point is, we need to do better, so much better – the reason there is so much debt across generations is that we don’t learn from the mistakes of our parents.

How does this goal benefit my clients or business? My services are always focused on keeping the costs reasonably low for my clients without sacrificing the quality of the output or impact on their business.


My debt-free journey

The next natural stage to setting goals is to set up action plans and for my “freedom-from-debt” goal, I’ve decided to focus on a single debt item at a time (while paying the minimum amount to the rest). My newly upgraded budget focuses on paying off debt, one creditor at a time while keeping up with my investment goals.

I’ve set up my “debt-free” plan as follows:

  • List all debt amounts with their individual monthly interest percentage rates
  • Sort them – smallest to largest
  • Select the first one and attack it with every single bit of income (no matter how small that invoice payment is – the ratio between debt: investment is 75%: 25%)


If you think this is very strict and limits me from doing anything else with money, you’re right but I can’t un-see the interest and I can’t go back to being oblivious to it ever again.


What’s the plan:

Paying one debt at a time


What motivated me to update my “financial freedom” plan like this? Well, I looked at my credit card statement and almost fell over with shock of how the interest I’ve paid so far could have settled the whole amount by now! Besides, the way I see it, strictly focusing on this now saves me a lot of money down the line and once it’s done, it’s done.

You know those “nice-to-have” but also “absolutely necessary” things you’ve always wanted? They need to be in your budget because every Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale doesn’t give you a license to make senseless purchases. If it’s not in your budget then you didn’t really need it.

How to Live on Your Own Terms without incurring more debt? The first step is to simply get rid of any debt and actually start saving for anything and everything you need or want!

Personally and for the business (because I am the business, right?) I need a bunch of new devices (and software) to improve productivity, quality, efficiency, and a million other things but for now, I make do with what I have. I started where I was, with what I had, and sooner or later I will get what I want. Patience with myself is key as I go through #MyDebtFreeJourney in the slippery search of #FinancialFreedom

Save for all purchases live on own terms

Debt-free journey Live on own terms

Live on own terms debt-free

What are your financial freedom goals and how are you changing the way you manage your personal finance to reach those goals?


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