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Virtual Work Manager was established in 2019 with the intention to help businesses (especially start up companies) the opportunity to use skilled teams without suffering the cost of employing full time staff. If you are wondering how the process works and how to hire Virtual Work Manager, our processes are very simple and are always custom fit to each of our clients. We at Virtual Work Manager can assist your business with a variety of services such as bookkeeping tasks of keeping your Cashbook updated on a monthly basis. We also have Virtual Personal Assistants to assist busy executives, CEOs and business owners who require related assistance. Research the benefits of hiring remote staff to work for your business and you’ll be glad you did, in the meantime, here’s a quick and short list of why you should hire us for daily business tasks.

What are some of the benefits of working with Virtual Work Manager?

  • You don’t pay us performance bonuses or incentive bonuses as you would your full time staff
  • You don’t deal with our tax as we are not an employee in your company but provide a service
  • You don’t cover the costs of our completing tasks, i.e. no internet, computer, telephone, electricity, work space, furniture and other costs to get us to work. Our remote offices have all we need to make sure your day to day tasks are completed, efficiently, effectively and professionally.
  • You only pay the invoice for a pre-approved quote and there are never any additional costs
  • You are exposed to a large variety of skills in the different niches our virtual teams have acquired.
  • The Virtual Work Manager team has your back and is completely committed to the success of your business. We are more than invested
  • We take ownership of all that needs to be done, and we require no supervision.


There are many other benefits of using our remote business support services, and we’d be here all day if we had to list them all.



If you’re not sure about the process and how it’d apply to your specific business or if you’d like to hear more, please contact us by filling in the form below and we will get back to you.


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