How I’m celebrating my birthday

my birthday celebration 2020Every year I celebrate the day of my birth and every year the celebrations themselves get less interesting. Sigh! Must be because I’m getting older? Nope, I think I’ve been demotivated about my career and work for too long that even such special milestones have been less important. This year however; I’m doing as much of what I’ve been meaning to do and never managed to. I’m planning loads of activities such as going on a hike, taking my family on a picnic and all those wonderful things! How I’m celebrating my birthday this year definitely doesn’t fall under the traditional ways in which people celebrate these events. What can I say? I’m a simple lady – and always a cheap date! (insert-joke-here)


This means … I will not be working 

Why? Well, because it’s my birthday!

I know my plans may seem small or boring to all you party animals out there but to me, they’re so awesome! I can’t remember when the last time was when I was this excited and happy to celebrate anything for myself. It would even get as bad as forgetting that it was even my birthday until I received flowers and chocolates at work from my husband.

We spend so much time at work that it becomes an intrinsic part of us, which is why it is so important to work where you’re happiest. My dissatisfaction with my career had nothing to do with the location / employer / designation but with being unable to successfully be in symbiosis with my work and life. This is why I established the importance of work-life integration and balance in my business. I don’t want to burn out. I want to be active, productive, but always happy and satisfied with my output.


Back to my birthday, here’s what I will be doing:

  • No drinking (alcohol)
  • No cake
  • No chocolate
  • No junk in general
  • Good nutritious food
  • 45 minute Zumba class
  • Relaxing baths with oils and/salts – lots of pampering
  •  Picnic with family
  • Board games with family

That’s basically ALL I want this year! I’m trying very hard to build and sustain good self-care habits and birthdays or festive seasons are no longer an excuse for me to deviate from my goals.


I usually post birthday pictures on my facebook and instagram pages. Check them out just in case I manage to do so this year too! I’m turning 36 in case you’re wondering!!!




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