Get 5 Percent off all first-time Project costs

How do you get 5 Percent off all first-time project costs?

Easy! We’re giving away 5% off all first-time project costs just to show how dedicated we are to help your business grow! We strive to improve our services and make a positive impact in your business’ productivity and profit; so what better way can we do that if not by cutting more costs out?Do you run a small business and cannot afford to employ full time or part time staff? Let us help you get organized!


The quality of your work doesn’t need to suffer simply because you don’t run an office in the ‘traditional’ sense.



We can help. Have a look at some of our services and contact us should there be a project we can help you with. Keep an eye out for promotional or discount coupon codes by following our Facebook page. The discount coupon codes are posted frequently under “Offers”.

What more do we offer our first-time clients?

Our first time clients not only get the compulsory 5% discount on any first project they work on with us, but they also benefit as follows:

  • New Client On-boarding Process:
  • Comprehensive consultation to further understand and solve for challenges faced by client’s business hindering productivity and profit
  • Improvement of existing processes
  • Implementation of new, simple and effective processes to further improve productivity and profit
  • Two (2) full weeks of intensive client care to ensure all processes that have been implemented are running smoothly.
  • Reporting on projects twice weekly in the first month of signing the agreement
  • As with all our clients; new clients will gain access to a secure Client Dashboard (that is only accessible by each client with a password and special link)
The Client Dashboard gives the following access to each client:
  • Invoices (outstanding, arrears and paid) – downloadable
  • Account balance
  • Statement – downloadable
  • Clients can download and pay invoices directly within their personal dashboard using Instant EFT, Credit Card, etc.
  • Tasks for current projects
  • Proposals (whenever applicable)
  • Documents such as your signed contractual agreement, completed work, weekly reports, time sheets, graphic images, drafts for writing projects etc.


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We can’t wait to partner up on your projects!


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