Electromat Web Design Project – eCommerce

Electromat Web Design Project – eCommerce

Electromat Web Design Project Conclusion
This is the exact replica of the project plan that won hearts and hooked this job!


The Electromat Web Design Project with an eCommerce store has finally reached its wonderful conclusion! For those who have been following the journey will remember that this particular project started on the 29th of October. The project plan (above) and timeline was created and submitted to the owner of Electromat and a week (or 2) before that and he approved the Launch Date! This means that designing this website took exactly 20 days from domain registration, website hosting, the actual designing process and everything else to get to the beautiful online store you see before you today. I’m definitely proud to see “my” baby already doing so well after only a single day of going live – it’s just incredible!

Here’s a link to the first post I wrote about the project – in which I mentioned the launch date!


The Web Design Project Ultimate Checklist

I work so much better with plans, checklists, to-do lists and mapping. This is very important to be and I cannot stress enough how crazy chaos makes me feel! I cannot function until it’s nicely packed in a sweet little package. There are too many moving parts in a project like this and it’s always best to jot down a plan and stick to it. Anyway, to my checklist for completing a web design project for an awesome website:

  • Securing the client’s heart’s desire aka domain registration (the sooner you find my jokes funny, the easier this article will be to swallow)
  • Hosting the website for at least 12 months (I can’t deal with monthlies. I have enough of those in my life)
  • Researching themes, typography, styles and everything that the client thinks he wants in the website of his / her dreams
  • Creating domain-based emails
  • Social Media profiles creation
  • Creating the website
  • Installing themes, plugins and customizing as per the client’s brief
  • Social media integration
  • Building custom pages
  • Content production for important pages such as “About us”, “Contact us”, Terms of Service” and “Policies” such as shipping, returns, refunds etc
  • Plan and set up ultimate look of the desktop version of the website
  • Plan and set up a customized and portable look of the mobile version of the website
  • SEO and Readability scores enhancement of all pages, posts, products, product categories, blog categories and tags
  • Content planning, creation, editing and publishing of “freebies” promised to the client
  • Load products and double-check accuracy
  • Do one final overall check of both mobile and desktop versions
  • Create video tutorials to guide client in navigating the website and assisting their customers without needing me
  • Create admin dashboard video tutorials with step by step guidance for the client’s benefit to enjoy all tools to the fullest
  • Inject Analytics plugin for client to have an overall view of all kinds of traffic in the website
  • Handover complete project details to client as well as login details of social media profiles, website and other tools that make the whole party light up
  • Make a huge mug of coffee to celebrate and immediately pass out from mere exhaustion and relief!

What the client says at the end of the first day of going live

Client review of web design project
Facebook reviews

I know what you’re thinking… “Who is Charles Black and why is Sisanda taking credit for his work?” But did you notice that this review is referring to this Charles as a “boss lady”? Yep, that’s because CB is my alter ego – weird, I know but I like it. Check out the review on the Virtual Work Manager Facebook page and watch that space for more awesome things to come!

Keep an eye out for my next (and final) post on Electromat. I won’t write a single word, I promise – it’ll simply be a video tour of my show-offery








Electromat Web Design Project eCommerce Store

Electromat Web Design Project eCommerce Store



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