Creativity can be applied to all Professions

Did you know that creativity can be applied to all professions? Any niche? Any professional field of specialization?


I worked in the corporate environment for over 12 years within the finance division without seeing the point of looking into other avenues. I literally strangled my creativity because being in finance doesn’t work with being creative, right? Wow! I can’t stress enough how wrong I was – I love numbers and I’m a creative person. I just didn’t realize that I could be both and enjoy my work even more.

When I started working for myself, it was as though my mind exploded – I became more interested in finding out how things work, how to do them better, how to improve processes that were already in place and more than that I rekindled my passion for learning and developing myself. n my opinion, creativity makes everything better – and even the most tedious of tasks can be exciting with a few creative changes in their processes.

Are you looking for motivation or inspiration to do anything? It’s already within you … All you have to do is find your creativity and most importantly, let it flow


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