Coronavirus | How to Maintain Productivity

We love being productive; how to maintain productivity or increase it especially during this time is of the utmost importance for businesses. Coronavirus | How to maintain productivity

Freelancers, Work-from-home Business Owners and anyone else who works outside of traditional business environments is probably thriving when it comes to managing their work and maintaining productivity during this time. The entire world is facing great difficulties and great fear because of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and ‘social-distancing’ is truly overdue at this point. We are all so very afraid, as we should be with the dangerous and deadly unknown. This article is not to add to that fear but to provide a few actionable tips during our ‘soft quarantine’. The aim is to manage the fear caused by the Coronavirus and How to Maintain Productivity. Most importantly, we all need to stay safe without losing our heads.

How to Maintain Productivity outside of your normal work space:

  • Create a productivity weekly work plan (or monthly) to have an idea of what you aim to achieve overall
  • Have a quick daily checklist of items you can tick off as complete from your task list
  • Set a starting time, break time and end time for daily work (it seems obvious but isn’t always easy to stick to standard working hours as one would in an office space)
  • Stick to your work plan and take breaks in-between without distracting yourself. Efficiency and productivity is the goal.
  • When it’s time to stop working, finish or close up on what you’re busy with, review on progress and draft a quick plan for the next day’s deliverable items
  • Have fun with work and enjoy not being stuck in traffic and the privilege of working in your sweat pants or leggings

Here’s my April work planner to give you an idea of how I highlight my work priorities

Maintaining Productivity



I prefer to use an undated calendar to plan my entire month and have most of my deliverable items in front of me at all times – I’m a planner and love using checklists and to-do lists to track productivity. I don’t always print this – I sometimes type in the work plan and update it as I go along but I find that I stick more to it when it’s printed and stuck to my wall. One can add dates to the calendar but it’s not a priority for me, I simply note the first day of the month (Wednesday in the case of April) and I start putting down what I want to complete / achieve in that month to ensure productivity.


Here’s a FREE 2020 work calendar to download and use as needed! Jan – Dec 2020 Productivity Planner 

This monthly work planner definitely helps to maintain productivity in general and it should be great value to those who use it


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Coronavirus | How to Maintain Productivity – we can help you and your business



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Coronavirus How to Maintain Productivity


Coronavirus How to Maintain Productivity



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Coronavirus How to Maintain Productivity



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