Client Reviews: PC Techies

Client Reviews: PC Techies

Review source: Snupit

Check out my client’s review on Snupit! Client Reviews PC Techies

Since my last review post, I received another. Please allow me to gloat as I show of another wonderful testimonial from yet another happy customer.

Received Client Review from PC Techies

Here’s a little more about PC Techies

They’re based in Kempton Park, doing PC repairs and sales. Their service allows you to bring in your faulty device into their workshop or send it via courier or they can organize a collection. PC Techies will then analyze the device, send you a quote, you approve it and voila! Your device is as good as new. You may also contact them regarding new computers/devices as well as upgrades.

Visit their website to see what else they can assist you with or simply email them for assistance

I am happy to hear that I’ll be getting more work and other projects to partner on with PC Techies. I can’t wait!


Full Disclosure: The Founder of PC Techies is actually my husband. I do hope that in no way diminishes the weight of this review because it is an authentic one. Also, just because I am married to the guy doesn’t mean all the work I did and do is suddenly invalid, does it?

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