About Virtual Work Manager

About Virtual Work Manager

Virtual Work Manager is a Remote Business Support company offering business – to – business support remotely to busy entrepreneurs, small business owners and other businesses / individual clients.
My name is Sisanda Mofokeng, Founder and Creator of Virtual Work Manager. I have an extensive finance background, with a focus in Credit and Risk Management. I have a background and unyielding focus to further develop in Finance, Administrative Functions, Social Media Management and Marketing.
My mission is to help you reclaim your time so that you can focus on what truly matters to you and your business. This will enable you to grow and scale your business without diminishing productivity or the structure of your core business.
We are reliable, dedicate and result-driven. We believe in building working relationships based on trust, honesty and being 100% committed to each client / project. Read our quick proposal here.
Virtual Work Manager Company Profile
Request our Company Profile at info@virtualworkmanager.co.za or download it at www.virtualworkmanager.co.za

About Virtual Work Manager: Our process:

  1. After deciding on the type of service you require as a client, you can fill in our FREE CONSULTATION FORM
  2. We review each consultation individually so that we may be able to solve for most, if not all of the challenges our prospective client faces.
  3. We get in touch by phone, email, video message (basically any preferred form of communication selected by our prospective client).
  4. We send a final review and proposal with solutions, project plan and timeline to the prospective client and await feedback.
  5. On receipt of positive feedback, we proceed to send the client an estimate of the cost of all accepted recommendations of our specific services.
  6. On receipt of the client’s acceptance and confirmation of the estimate by email, we get started by completing the first steps in our process: Signing our Agreement (which protects both us and our client. We are bound to deliver on our promise.
  7. The next step is to follow our project plan to completion / continuation:
  • Week 1: The Set Up Week (e.g. for credit control support, we’ll require access to our client’s web-based system for collections etc. But should they be server-based, then we’d require the latest age analysis, contact details of the debtors in the debtors book that we’ll be managing and all relevant information about those particular debtors. We do NOT use our own banking details for collected revenue, our client’s debtors still pay directly to them – we are confident that this is what is best for both our client and their customers. We are to be the only people making collections efforts in that particular book to actually see the difference we make in our client’s revenue.
  • Week 2: We get access to our own login details (web-based systems) / We receive the relevant reports (e.g. age analysis) after all daily receipts have been allocated daily so that we have access to updated information at all times.
  • Week 3: We’re ready to completely immerse ourselves into the actual work and will simply require that the relevant reports be sent to us every single day without fail (server-based systems) so that we are fully equipped to get the work done.
  • Week 4 (onwards): We provide weekly comprehensive reports on Collections, Risk Levels, Payment Commitments, etc. Our client also gets access to our live collections data so that they may see how we work, our progress and everything in real time, any time.


Virtual Work Manager Services

Here’s some of the services specifically specialize in:

  • Domain Registration
  • Website Hosting
  • Existing Website: SEO + Newsletter / Blog Management (Monthly / Ad-Hoc)
  • Existing Website: SEO + Email Marketing (Monthly / Ad-Hoc)
  • Existing Website: SEO + Social Media Marketing (Monthly / Ad-Hoc)
  • Web Design
  • Website Maintenance (Monthly / Ad-Hoc)
  • Website & Blog Management (Monthly / Ad-Hoc)
  • Online Store Creation & Activation
  • Online Marketing (Monthly / Ad-Hoc)
  • Email Marketing (Monthly / Ad-Hoc)
  • Social Media Management (Monthly / Ad-Hoc)
  • Social Relationships (Monthly / Ad-Hoc)
  • Content Production
  • Career Profile Upgrade
  • Creative Writing
  • Administrative Support (Monthly / Ad-Hoc)
  • Credit & Risk Management (Monthly / Ad-Hoc)
  • Credit Control & Collections (Monthly / Ad-Hoc)
  • Finance Support (Monthly / Ad-Hoc)
  • Customer Service / Online Store Management (Monthly / Ad-Hoc)
  • Email (Inbox) Management (Monthly / Ad-Hoc)
  • Other

The list is growing as we are still on a journey of self-development and growth. We update these as we complete other courses of interest.

Do we have a website?

Yes. We have an amazing and more importantly, secure website. Any data that we input in it is private and secure. We’re very proud of this.
RapidSSL_SEAL Website Security Certificate
In general, here’s how to find out if any website is secure – This tiny little padlock to the left of the web address will tell you. Click on the padlock to view the security information. If there isn’t a padlock, maybe there’ll be an exclamation mark or something else, clicking on it will still give you information on whether the website is secure or not. Also, the address will be start with “Https” for secure websites. One needs to be especially careful when dealing with online stores – you should generally not enter your private information on these, e.g. credit card details to complete a purchase.
If you are in actual fact looking for remote business support (any of the services we offer) or you have a couple of questions or more, please feel free to email us on info@virtualworkmanager.co.za and we’ll do our best to get back to you and assist.

Where are we based? How do we stay in touch with clients?

We work remotely, but are based in Kempton Park. We provide support to businesses and individuals globally as we are not based in a traditional office environment. Our clients receive the direct, emergency contact details so that they may be able to get hold of us at any time (up to 20h00 on Weekdays and 17h00 on Weekends). We can book video meetings on request / face to face meetings when required (for local clients only) etc. Our mailboxes are attended to full time and we respond to emails within 20 hours. Emergency contact details may be used to notify us of any rush job/emergency jobs.

We are great believers in the importance of home life and work life integration … That’s the true balance

There’s a million and one reasons why you should consider hiring us; but I’ll try to give you a few every so often:

  1. We are more dedicated than anyone to make any work collaboration successful.
  2. We use our own resources, e.g. internet, electricity, office space etc
  3. Our clients do not need to deal with any traditional employee benefits, such as paid leave, pension or provident fund, bonuses etc.
  4. Clients do not do our tax – we do our own tax as contractors. Clients literally pay for an invoice they’ve received and that is it
  5. Clients never have to wonder about productivity levels – we get paid on work that is 100% complete and not just to simply be “visible” at a desk.
  6. Location is never an issue – we work remotely, with anyone from anywhere.
  7. Our offices are fully equipped to support the current and anticipated needs of our clients
  8. We cut the usual running costs indescribably – for one, we don’t require clients to provide us with office space, furniture, equipment, internet access, telephone access etc. Those are our costs.
  9. We are always learning and growing to improve our already-excellent services and skills. We research developments in technology, tools and systems and we learn how to use them so that we can assist you in updating outdated working system for efficiency, productivity and ultimate profit.
  10. Our standard of service is always Quality over Quantity because submitting mediocre work is just not something we aspire to. We love what we do and so we do it very well.
  11. We are generally not affected by time-consuming inconveniences such as traffic and are not always bound by standard working hours.
  12. We offer a variety of services and generally grouping these into custom-fitting packages will always be a cost cutter for any of client’s business.
  13. Etc.
About Virtual Work Manager
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